The Intel® Application Accelerator

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inssane used our newssubmit to tell us:Product Overview

The Intel® Application Accelerator is a new performance software package for Intel desktop PCs.Download the Intel Application…

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Mmmhh… Do I smell a hidden driver update? :wink:

I have version 7 which came with my Motherboard why umm whys the web site so behind.

Can anyone verify that this “driver” even boosts performance? And is it worth it to install this if you have a P3? Seems like this is more for the P4 owners…

Seems you need an intel MoBo with an 8xx chipset to use it as well!! :frowning:

From the Readme: ================ 1. The system must contain the following Intel products: * Intel® Pentium® III or Pentium® 4 processor * Intel® 82801AA, 82801AB or 82801BA controllers ============= Bad luck for all the “old” BX, ZX etc owners :frowning: