+ & - The In's & Out's

Suprised this isn’t a sticky thread, maybe it is, and I didn’t find it.

I called a shop today to buy a DvD burner, after about 20 minutes he had confused me completely and I had no idea what I wanted!

He said - was the first one to come onto the scene, and that media can be cheaper. + could be slightly better quality, and media can be a touch more (when buying 100’s).

So I could have bought a SONY drive that does both, or for £100 less get a - 4X drive.

Can someone educate me to the joys of + & -, is there a winner or is it personal preferance.

I tried to search for this topic, but had trouble, so if you could direct me to an old thread that would help.

Many Thanks

OK I found this…


Seems a good place to start… time to read!!!

By the way I ended up buying a - drive, no doubt after I’ve read this website it will turn out I made the wrong choice!

From the site:

"In case you can’t wait and want to buy a DVD recorder you will need to chose between DVD plus and DVD minus. If you want our advice, we think a DVD plus recorder will currently be the best choice for the long term.

We however want to add that in case you have a DVD minus, or plan to buy one, this is still not a bad choice, but likely not the best."

Great! Why do I always choose the wrong bloody thing! :frowning: :frowning:

Take a look here bro http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/110

I’m also a little confused but have decided to buy the NEC ND-1300 dual format drive, that way all the bases are covered and it’s considerably cheaper than the Sony offering :cool: :cool:

Hope this helps:)

Heheh you wuz typin while I was LOL

You can also find some recording techniques explained in the Blu-Ray article.