The Inquirer reviews two 16GB USB drives

I just posted the article The Inquirer reviews two 16GB USB drives.

TheInquirer published today a review of the Corsair Flash Voyager, an USB memory stick with 16 GB storage capacity, i.e. about a couple of dual layer DVD discs.According to the article, this memory…

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Holy crap. Four bills ?? That’s nuts. Still, I wouldn’t mind having one. I guess my newborn child could eat every 4 hours instead of every 2. SOLD !!! :+

Outdated info, has the Corsair 16G for 139.99

Or just buy 4 x 4GB for 20 each :slight_smile:

@ DeadMan What if you needed to transport a 10 GB file. Then what? Rar it into 4 pieces? Don’t be silly, of course you wouldn’t.