The Incredibles

I am having trouble backing up The Incredibles. I have the current version of Any Dvd and Clone Dvd 2. I get an error about half way through the read process. k:/video_ts/vts_01_4.vob: unable to open file. Access is denied. Any help would be great.

We had no problem with that one just last night . . .

I also had no trouble but heres a question… at different parts there will be a small movie cmera in the top right corner, Its a kids movie and I dont think they notice but Im curious what it is.

That is an indicator for the “camera” angle you have chosen.
This movie offers more than one angle to choose from.

I too am unable to successfully backup the entire disc. However, using AnyDVD along with DVDShrink I was able to backup the main movie but none of the other components.

For S&G’s, I tried using CloneDVD2 and DVDDecryptor with no success.

I used AnyDVD along with DVDShrink and by only chooing the main movie (no other angles), I was able to backup the movie. I was unable to do the entire disc with the same problem you described.

OK, went back and tried to do a complete backup tonight . . . everything backs up without any complaints and the main menu works, but on the menus for some of the special features you can’t see the pointer for what you are selecting . . . you can just press the number for what you want though (i.e. to select the second item in the menu just press the number 2).

Faxcinating, I’d be more interested in troubleshooting it if the movie didn’t suck!

I backed up my Incredibles Region 1 Fullscreen using the latest CloneDVD, and AnyDVD, after someone posted about having problems with the special features disc, I backed up the special features disc with the same software above, and it worked fine 100%.

That’s interesting as there’s a thread over on the CloneDVD forum where others are having problems . . . must have something to do with specific machine configurations or something.

Indeed! :iagree:

I was able to back up this movie with AnyDVD and Clone DVD. I used Angle 1, No Menu, Main Movie, English, with English subtitles and 5.1 Dolby audio.

By the way … In the process of finding a backup program that worked on this title, I discovered that Nero Recode doesn’t work with AnyDVD on this movie. AnyDVD did, however, work with DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, Sonic MyDVD 6, ULead Movie Factory 4 (Disk Creator edition) and even Intervideo DVDCopy 3. Why AnyDVD doesn’t work with Nero Recode on this movie is beyond me … Nero Recode says there are no files on the DVD, and after a couple of tries to get Recode to see the DVD, Recode locks me out of trying again after three tries by denying “access” to the DVD. This is either a bug in AnyDVD (not likely), or some kind of “I’m not gonna let you pass this way” attitude from Nero Recode.

But I digress… AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 do work, at least in my case. If they don’t work for you, try ripping with DVD Decrypter, then use Shrink. Heck, even Recode may work if you use DeCrypter first.

Read this thread and the one reference in the CloneDVD forum . . . the problem isn’t copying the movie, the problem is copying the bonus disc.

The backups of the main movie discs seemt o work fine for most everyone, but backing up the bonus features disc seems to give some an odd error -> the menu pointer and up/down arrows for it don’t work.

I would give this more effort, but the movie sucked so I don’t really wish to spend any more time on it. It would be nice to get it sorted out though just in case it happens on a movie I do care about though . . .

By the way … In the process of finding a backup program that worked on this title, I discovered that Nero Recode doesn’t work with AnyDVD on this movie.

Not that this will be any help (just an FYI)…

I was able to backup The Incredibles with Recode and AnyDVD - both discs.

Glad you’ve been awake, Mr. Svenson, lol.

Awake for what? If it’s the Incredibles I’ll go back to sleep . . .

(I’m sorry, but that movie and the Sponge Bob movie sucked! My 13 year old drug me to Sponge Bob when it was in the theatre and he seemed to like it, the boy has me worried . . .)