The Incredibles

Clone DVD can not copy The Incredibles. It said this disc has copy protection blah blah blah. But I can be able to back it up with DVD Shrink with no problem (+Any DVD is running of course!). Just something you guys might want to know that’s all.

But when you used CloneDVD, was also AnyDVD running?
What version CloneDVD you have? the blah, blah,blah, must be from a special version …

Yes every thing is running. After that incident about an hour later I backed up Shark Tale just fine. But not The Incredibles. Blah Blah Blah = don’t remember exactly whatelse it says :frowning:

Problaby will see Clone DVD update by next week. Because it happened to The Grudge also.

This tread would get more attention if it was in the clonedvd forum instead of clonecd. I though it was a pc game(if there is one) or something until i read it.

Me too. Incredibles isn’t even released on DVD until next week.

heheeh, in this case it might be non-standard DVD :slight_smile:

Moved to correct forum. :slight_smile:

It’s standard DVD. Let just say I can get most of the DVD’s 2 weeks before official release date. Let see if the problem is still there. And this is US version.

I will be buying it tomorrow so I will see if I can back it up with cloneDVD2. If not I am sure Ollie and slysoft will sort it out quickly.

Well, i just got it today and went to back it up with the lastest version of Clone DVD and AnyDVD, it took forever (5 minutes) to write the lead out and will not play at all.
I did not get any errors just a bad disc

there are 3 angles on the disc … is that because of the different languages (english, french & spanish)??? Which one to choose?

haven’t tried backing up yet … but the quality shows about 56-59% on the scale with just one of the angles selected and the menus and trailers unselected

Choosing all 3 angles only compresses the disc 1%, get rid of all the stupic languages and you can get quality to 69% or so. second attempt with different media yielded same results, huge pause on writing lead out then a bad disc, booktype set to DVD-ROM

No problems here. Also Dead Birds no problems. Must be a media/burner problem you have.

Forgot to add. Region 1 using CloneDVD 2 v. and Anydvd v.

  1. copy the files to your HD with Super DVD Copy
  2. Open Files with DVD Shrink from HD, Backup to the location you desire
  3. Open Clone DVD, Use the Last Option Write Existing Data
    5.Open location where DvD Shrink Backed up/Encoded the files
  4. Burn to DVD

That should do it.

had no problems with Clone/Any combo

Dude! It DOES NOT WORK! PERIOD! AnyDvd / Clone DVD / or any combination of the previously mentioned situations DO NOT work with the incredibles dvd! I’ve tried them! I’ve got the latest software and unlike most of you pirates out there I’ve paid for mine! And the movie too!

OBVIOUSLY the programers are going to have to patch yet another movie because the movie industry is getting greedy. Of course it all stems from China, but I digress… the programs will need to be patched in order to be viable. Just give the staff of SlySoft a day or two and they should have it fixed.


Could you please be more specific, what “does not work” means? Do you get an error message, if yes, when, where and what?

The programs (Any Dvd/CloneDVD2) copy the DVD. I only copied the first, main movie track with no subtitles, etras, etc.

Then when I go to play it back in either my computer or other DVD player it says, “Sorry this machine.program does not support this Disc.” or “This disc is not a DVD”, etc. or similiar statement. Basically it means that the program dis not do their job properly copying the DVD. The company obviously has some new form of protection on it, just like zombie apocalyse 2 movie thing that had troubles.