The incredibles with sr5



Hi there,

i’ve created an image from the original cd2 with 120% and assigned it to a virtual drive, cause i don’t want to be a DJ.

But every startup a msgbox comes up with the message …

‘Confict with disc emulator software detected. See for more details.’

I’ve created the image with option sr4/5, ignore read-errors, read sub-channel and DPM high.

Any suggestions about that?
Is it the virtual drive?
Is it possible to hide the vd?

Thanks for helping in advance.



Alcohol’s a DTools vdrives are balcklisted by this SecuROM version, you’ll have to wait for an update so it’ll probably get fixed. Another method would be modifying some registry settings to solve this problem by yourself there’re some threads here about this method you’ve got to use the search function as I can’t remember the title.

p.s. you can simply create a backup using Alcohol and sr4/5 profile for reading and writing…

edit:Terramex got the right link :slight_smile:


Wow, that’s really pushing me out of my socks.
That works great.
Big thanks.