The Incredibles - When Danger Calls - Urgent




I recently prurchased a game on 1 CD-Rom called “The Incredibles - When Danger Calls.” The vendor is THQ ( and is protected by Securom Version 5.03.xxxx.xx

I cannot find a NoCD patch on the web, nor can DAEMON Tools, Alcohol, Farstone emulate it.

There was an earlier Incredibles game on 2 CD’s which there IS a NoCd workaround, but it won’t work with this 1 CD-Rom Software (as expected).

Anyone have a solution??

TIA :bow:


Try to copy from CD-ROM\Data Folder everything from there and paste it (overwrite) to your game folder (where .exe is) and watch for a demo for The Incredibles - When Danger Calls on or other torrent sites, install the DEMO and copy the executable where demo was installed, because it has 1.43 mb (DEMO has 31.2.rar) :slight_smile:


Just a reminder:
Requests for or links to cracks are not allowed in this forum :cop:

How have you created the image you’ve tried with DAEMON Tools, Alcohol, Farstone ?

Have you tried what you’re suggesting, or is it just that method once worked for you with another title ?


It’s been FOUR YEARS since the first post. I’m sure he is NOT still looking for an answer.


Oops :iagree: