The Incredibles: 100mil first day and other DVD movie trivia

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     USA Today has a great article this morning about my new favorite thing to spend money on- DVD movies. There are  trivia stats all through this thing! Such as, it used to be, a new "big" ...
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When the Lion King was released on VHS (and to a much lesser extent on Laserdisc), the market for home video sales as opposed to rental was much less fragmented, due to the various defaults of the VHS format. I for one never was interested at all in owning bulky VHS tapes, and especially a format that degrades itself. Now I own many hundred genuine DVD movies and tv shows because I feel I am getting my money’s worth. It sure is more expensive than VHS movies were, but then again there is inflation and the inflatuated costs associated with offering extras, and a beautiful transfer and surround sound, so it’s worth it. I was not even a cinephile before; now I am thanks to DVD. I would buy music CDs, but I do not because there are usually very few catchy tunes on an expensive album, so even if it’s got a whole lot more of replay value than movies, I just lost interest and not even because of piracy. Then again sometimes I am interested in music CDs when a bonus DVD comes bundled with it.

So I wonder how the MPAA is going to say they are losing money to pirates when teh freaking movies make them more money on dvd then when they were in the theatres. How can they justify the whole piracy thing with these numbers? Oh wait they won’t have to because these are “anomalies” and does not happen with every crappy movie they release. Considering home theatre is where it looks like the money is to be made now, they will prolly grip their fists ever tighter around your rights, until there is nothing left but a bloody pul of where your body was.

I was gonna spend $10CAD on it but thought, why the hell should I? I’ve been to Disneyworld, Fl on seven different vacations, the last time at Christmas 2003 and it was an absolute nightmare. It was also the second vacation I had encountered rude, arrogant “cast members” and we have vowed never to go back again. Then, it cost me almost £50 sterling to take my family to see this at the movies so why should I put another 10 bucks in Roy Disney’s already bulging pockets? Di$ney has had enough of my money. It’s available to dl (the entire 2-disc set) and the most it’ll cost me is 50p for two blank dvd’s.

Because mickrick $10CAN is peanuts to pay for a legal copy that you and your kids can watch for years if you look after the dvd. The fact is that seeing a movie at a cinema is just about the cheapest form of mass entertainment and complaining about the cost of renting ($2 or $3) or buying (between $10 and $20) a movie dvd is ludricous given that you can buy the dvd for significantly less than what it costs for a family to see the movie just once at a cinema.

Sorry, I meant £10 from Canada, not $10CAD.:o