The impossible Sound Blaster question!

Hey everyone, I’ve recently built a pc with an Audigy2 ZS Sound Card in it. However, the mobo came with Nvidia drivers for audio as well, so when I pull up my advanced sound settings, I’m showing bothe the Sound Blaster, and the Nvidia “Realtek Audio” options to select.

It automatically selected the Sound Blaster card when I installed it, but what I’m wondering is . . . do I have to use the Nvidia “Realtek Audio” selection, if I want to get audio to come to the front ports of my pc case - since they receive their audio from the mobo audio headers. I have no audio now on the front panel ports, and I’m wondering if I have to keep going back into the advanced settings and changing my audio “software” choice from Sound Blaster to Realtek Audio?

Anyone who can answer this questions will receive a years supply of camoflage condoms. :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: JK

Thanks for any help though, StratMan23

a) I think the onboard sound is something that has to be disabled in your BIOS. Take a quick look in there.
b) It has be possible to wire your front audio ports to the Sound Blaster… If you built the PC, you probably connected the front panel to the board somehow, you can probably find a similar connection on the Audigy.

For sure your onboard sound has to be disabled in your Bios. Then just hook up your front audio ports to the SB card like tehGrue said.:iagree: