The Illusionist - Read Errors



I purchased the Illusionist the day it was released…got the last copy at FYE ( formerly Coconuts).

I’m finally getting around to making a backup copy. I’m experiencing Read Errors every time. This is a brand new DVD. I never played it ( I only watch my copies).

My optical drive is a Toshiba SD R6112 on my custom built lap top.; Running Windows XP PRo with all latest updates.

The burned DVD playes on one of my portable DVD players, but does not play on another one I use as a defacto test player ( Basically, any movie that plays on this one, plays on everything) This one is an old Sharp (1999)

DO you need model numbers? Perhaps this is a security glitch?



Hello Susan and welcome to the DVDfab forum. I assume you mean the read errors are on playback (freezing/skipping/etc?-please describe more fully), and given the symptoms you report I would suspect problems in the burn part of the process due either to poor blank media or too high a burn speed. Try some different blanks and select a definite write speed (8X [U]max[/U]) in Common Settings rather than “Recommended”. Also, if you are using +R media, check the box to set the booktype to DVD-ROM for better results with some players. Did you back up to a SL or DL disc? Illusionist is a [B]big[/B] movie. My original of this reads only 62% Quality for the main movie alone. I put my backup on a DL burned at 2.4X. What you are seeing as read errors may in fact be compression artifacts if you put it on a SL DVD5.


Thank you for responding.

No, the read error is on reading the original source movie!

I’m also getting the same errors on “The Devil Wears Prada” Again this is reading the source movie, NOT on playback



Hi Susan and welcome to the forum. When was the last time you updated the firmware on your Toshiba drive ? That might make a difference and like signals mentioned, the type of blank DVD media you use will make a big difference. I was always using Verbatum MCC-004 until I ran out. So I ran to Wal-Mart and picked up a pack of Maxell 25 count 16x. Well, between the read errors and the freeze ups and skipping, I finally said the heck with it and just waited until I could get more Verb. I learned a big lesson. Hope this helps you out. Just to let you know, I was able to backup The Devil Wears Prada and the Illusionist. So its not the softwear ok. I believe I was using version, when I did those. My wife loves ‘Devil’ and I 'Illusionist. Also, we don’t use the originals because of kids and ‘‘accident’’ LOL. So, like you, we backup. Good luck.


Correct me if I’m wrong but what does the type of media have to do with READ errors? The problem that Susan is experiencing is from the ORIGINAL disc it’self, not a backup disk.

I think that you might have a faulty disc Susan and suggest you exchange it for a new one since those read errors are simply CRC errors.

Hope this helps Susan:)


Please read her original post more closely:

…The burned DVD playes on one of my portable DVD players, but does not play on another one …
If the burned DVD plays on even one player it is not a read error but a write error (or a media compatability issue).


Susan, I think you have confused all of us! :slight_smile: Does the burned disc indeed play in one player? Did DVDFab report any error codes while reading the original disc?


So sorry to cause such confusion. You’re both right!

I do indeed get a read error on the original source DVD. I then click ignore several times, then finally ignaore all. and Fab Gold continues to read.

Then the finished product does not play back successfully on all my units. Which I thought may be because so many read errors occurred at the source level, the subsequent write had “issues”.

BTW I ONLY use verbatim DVD-R media. I learned that lesson many “coasters” ago.

Hope this helps, and sorry for confusion!


Did DVDFab report any error codes while reading the original disc? NO codes given ( too bad) just an “Error while reading” message


Susan, if it were only one disc that you could not read I would suspect the disc, but if it is two or more and they have no obvious surface impairments, I would begin to suspect the drive: dust/vibration/physical wear if it is several years old, all the “usual suspects”. Remember too that windows will drop the drive from DMA to PIO type transfer after many read errors.


Signals, as she mentioned before, she gets a read error from the original disc which is why I came to my conclusion. It is obvious to me from experience that she has a faulty disc at hand and should get it replaced. It has nothing to do with blank media or anything to that sort since the burned disc is bad to begin with.


I don’t know, but as my old Lite-On 1633s was wearing out, it was doing the same thing you are decribing here. I couldn’t read the original disks without the error box continually popping up asking me what to do. After alot of different advice from this forum, we came to the conclusion that my burner was indeed dieing on me. Since I replaced my burner at xmas with an LG H22N burner, the problems with the error box have disappeared. It took care of it. But I was told to do all sorts of things. Defraging, checking the firmware and the media among other things. Finally we narrowed it down to the burner itself. So, try checking the age of the burner itself, it could be getting tired. Mike


Tanweer, perhaps we should ask her if the original disk plays in either of her 2 standalone players. Her drive is 4 years old. (See astone2665’s comments just below.)


Signals, it doesn’t matter that her drive maybe 4 years old, the original might just play fine in her standalone’s but ripping it is a different story altogether. I’ve seen where the disc plays fine in players but DVDFAB will choke on reading some discs, hence the CRC errors - which leads to a faulty disc - do you understand that? FAULTY DISC

Nothing to do with her media or her players, just the original disc itself. As per astones2665’s comments, I dismiss it since she didn’t mention having problems with any OTHER disc except this one. I don’t see that the drive suddenly in her case could be the root of her problems. Period. :wink:


Tanweer, I only mentioned that possiblity for her to check out because that is how my drive first started to die. A little here, a little there. She may have a faulty original disk as you say. She should try to back it up on another computer to see for sure if it truely is the original disk. I have done that. Let a friend try and rip it on there Pc. Hopefully that’s a possibility. Let us know Susan. This is what troubleshooting’s all about. Mike :clap:


Hi Susan,

I agree with signals and astone2665…number of possiblities including inconsistent performance from a tired and somewhat marginalized optical drive.

In an effort to isolate the causes(s) of your problems please try the following:
Rip The Illusionist +/or The Devil Wears Prada to your hdd, not a blank disc (ie., source=original disc, target=hdd).
Are the errors reproducible on playback from your hdd?
(please give specifics, ie., freezing, pixelation, etc., as signals suggested).

Do you have access to another burner?

If you don’t have Nero CD-DVD Speed, please click on the link in my sig and dl/install. It’s free and a very useful little utility.
There are a number of tests that would be helpful here.

“Benchmark”: Used to test an optical drive and/or burned media.
There are a number of subtests included in benchmark.

“Create Disc”: Essentially a writing test.

“Disc Quality”: A test of burned media, but can be used with pressed media.
Note: not all burners are capable of performing this test.


This type of response is inappropriate and just plain rude.
First off, we’re all trying to help one another, that’s how this works. Disagreement and debate are healthy…dismissive and contentious attitudes are not, plain and simple.
Hopefully, this was unintentioned, but IMO, it doesn’t read that way.
We’ve all read posts incorrectly and we’ve all given incorrect or or just plain, lousy advice…no big deal. This is particularly true when the OP gives insufficient or confusing detail. Again, we’ve all been guilty of this.
Susan, this is not about you. You posted back with some clarification and we appreciate that.

Interestingly, it is you who is mistaken.
The OP clearly stated that she experienced read errors on more than one pressed disc, ie.,
The Illusionist and The Devil Wears Prada.
The chances that all her problems are the result of multiple source disc flaws, bad presses, what have you, are poor at best.


Amen to that maineman. I tried for awhile to use CD-DVD Speed with my LG H22N and it wasn’t until I looked at the LG hardware page on CD Freaks did I learn that LG doesn’t work with it. But I test the LG burns with another writer that does so were good. Like you said it’s a great program to test the quality of your burns and will pin point where or if you’re having problems. That was how I ended up putting the final nail in my Litey’s coffin,LOL. Susan, is there any possibility of borrowing a friend’s copy of the movie and seeing if it’ll rip ? Just a thought. This way if you don’t have access to another PC or burner you’d know for sure if it’s a bad disk or not. Mike


Sorry maineman. I didn’t mean to jump in the middle of your last responce. I was thinking on what you said last and tried to elaborate on it. Sorry. Mike


You might want to d/l VSO inspector and check your disks with that program just to insure that the disks are good or bad, just a thought on troubleshooting


Hey Mike,

Please don’t apologize for offering help and advice…besides your advice is right on…thanks for your help… :smiley: