The Illusionist: Clone failure



The Illusionist R1 fails in Clone mode with no error code at about 98% completion, but the ISO produced is perfect, full movie present, can be read and played by DVDShrink. Copy to folder from Customize mode works fine. The original disk has NO AUDIO_TS subfolder. :confused: IFOs from original disc attached. I have my backup, this is just posted FYI.



It may has some unreadable sectors on Non DVD-VIDEO part, you can try to select “Copy DVD-Video Data Only” to see the result.

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Thank you Fengtao. I though about this but have not had time to try it. The backup to folder worked fine so no rush. Your support is much appreciated. Hope your internet is working normally again.
Again my thanks.


Hey signals,

First off, what a great flick! I just love ed norton… :clap:
Anyway, you peaked my curiosity. I had done The Illusionist R1, WS, in customize mode…just did title set 1…so essentially done in main movie mode, target dvd9, so no compression. Flawless bkup.

Just ripped in clone mode, no problems. Didn’t burn it, but plays fine from the hdd as does your bkup. Just recalling, I had a couple of instances of very late failures in clone mode a while back. I never did figure it out, but the bkups played without a hitch so I wasn’t too enthused about trying… :bigsmile:

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Should have gotten an Oscar for his work in “The Score” with DeNiro & Brando IMO.

Anyway…[I]edited[/I]…Flawless bkup.
Braggart. :slight_smile:

Attached images: not required! You had me at “…Flawless backup…” :bigsmile:
61 degrees as I type this… :slight_smile: