The IFPI forbids the truth!

I just posted the article The IFPI forbids the truth!.

This is ‘censorship’ taken to the extreme to be sure! The same organization that is assumed to be on the ‘right side of the law’ gets ‘antsy,’ then bars people best qualified to…

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Wow, it sounds like the IFPI is …, lies, distortions of fact [edited for profanity/political, off-topic remark]
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And we shoudl be surprised that they lied? We know from experience that all that big business does is lie to the public. Tobacco industry, auto industry, media cartels. We are nothing to them, and will stay that way as long as the corrupt government is in their pockets. I for one am not surprised by this

wow this is great stuff Quema34. Thxs for this information.

Thank you, LastStand. This was one article I had to dig for, because instead of maybe finding 2-3 right off the bat, this one was kind of buried, on page 3 or 4 of the search results, so it took at least 30 mins. to find by itself. This RIAA/IFPI business just snowballs with all the lies, manipulation and strong-arm tactics. While on one level it doesn’t surprise me (just from how business practices have seriously worsened since 1992), it is still quite alarming to see such a ‘in your face’ attitude, to see such en masse bullying by these folks.:c
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