The ideal LiteOn LTR-123S firmware

G’day all,

For all you LTR-32123S owners, what would you like to see in the next firmware update?

I’d like to see an updated XSU1 firmware (XSU2???) that matches more media, fixes some bugs, and has all of the same features as the original XSU1 including Mount Rainier support. For me that would be the ultimate firmware for the LTR-32123S.

If that weren’t possible, I’d like to see Mount Rainier support added to the next LTR-32123S firmware.


XSU1 is the firmware of the 40xdrive with 3-chipset.
The new Firmware for the 32s is XS0Z and it can write p-cav and can copy some protected audio cds :smiley:

I was really glad when I updated my 32123S to XS0Z and found the P-CAV feature! It takes about 30 seconds less to burn a while disc. Anyway, the one thing I wish that it had was Mt. Rainier support.