The IDE led is lighted if I connect a Liteon 40-12-48


I have an Asus A7V133, a Pionner DVD-ROM 16/40 and a lite-on 40-12-48 40125W

Sony DVD-> Primary Master
Lite-on-> Secondary Master

the hard disk drives are connected to the promise raid controler

the problem is that the IDE led is lighted alternatively under Windows if the autorun is actived !

if the autorun of the liteon is deactived all is Ok,

the harddisk seems to have an activity if the autorun is actived, it’s not normal

do you have an explanation to this problem ?

a bug in the firmware with my liteon ? ( i have the Ws03 firmware)

Help Me please

Most likely it’s a “bug” in the OS, so that it keeps searching for new discs that makes the activity.

I don’t think you should worry.

Hi Ocfreaks

in fact before installing the LiteOn my old burner was a Yamaha 8-4-32

and with this Yamaha burner I don’t have this problem (IDE led hard disk lighting if autorun is actived)

all was Ok

the problem occurs only with this liteon :frowning:

I have also a multiboot WinME/WinXP and it is the same behaviour, the same problem with this 2 OS

do you think it’s really a bug ?

I’ve seen it reported many places before that sometimes it does this…

But do it give you any problems? Or make your system slower?

If it doesn’t cause any problems, why care? :wink:

When you said it I actually noticed that my Lite-On’s cuses the same thing…but I’ve never noticed it before now and it have not given me any problems…

this strange thing give no problem in fact,

but it’s not a normal behaviour, it’s really the first time I see this problem,

with another burner the IDE led harddisk doesn’t lighted repeately

I hope that a new firmware for liteon 40125W will fix this bug