The hunger games -mocking jay-part 1



Hi Kerry: I just purchased Mocking Jay-Part 1 and went to back it up and I get a READ ERROR whether I use Movie Only or Full Disc.

I am using the latest Version Can you help me?


Moved post to ‘correct’ forum.

Try the updated version ( beta as of this post)


Hey Pwanjo. Since this seems to be a question revolving around DVDFab, Albert has moved it into the DVDFab forum.

I don’t use Fab, but I am aware that they are having problems with this particular movie, just as their main competition is. Using the latest beta will probably solve the issue, as Albert has already suggested.


The new Beta adds to supported versions for this title, thanks. There are many unfortunately and all still may not be supported. I expect one or two more will be added Monday.


Thanks for that info signals


Yeah the DVDFab team are always very quick with these sorts of things but it can take a short while for them to make sure they’ve covered all the different protection variants.