The House Bunny-Will not Read?



I cannot get The House Bunny to read from dvd-fab . i start up dvd fab put the dvd into my burner, let it start up, hit cancel when it ask;s me if i wanna play the movie in WMP or my DVD movie player. and then i let dvd-fab try to read it and it just pop’s up a error trying to read it and ask’s me to ignor or try again or abort. how do i get by this so i can burn my movie?



You don’t give us any information to help you i.e. dvdfab version - burner make and model # - OS - media

We can only help those whom try and help themselves-eh


All you need to do is go into common settings the green dot with the check mark and go to pathplayer and change the setting from enable when necessary to always enabled and that should work. I did this movie no problems using DVDfab platinum


Two things…your DVDFab is not up to date or the disc is dirty/damaged.