The horror movie thread!

I would like the opinions of other horror movie lovers on this one, I think this was about the best since “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (the origional) that I have seen, the best part about this is that it could be true, who knows what effects the neuclear testing could have had if people were trpped in the dessert when it happened.

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I’ve yet to see it, but I shall more than likely be buying it tomorrow. I’ll post back here when I do, looks to be a good movie :iagree:

Maybe this thread could be converted in “The horror movie thread” to comment also other movies :slight_smile:

Just for you, Geno :wink:

What are your favourite horror movies? Post and discuss them here…I’m always after new recommendations :wink:


What a fast answer :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not a big fan of horror movies. I watch some at times, but it’s not my preferred genre.

I don’t know if can be considered as horror, but I liked constantine and underworld

eww eww no no no no no

i hate horror movies.

i get way too freaked out.

So “The Hills Have Eyes” (see Alan’s thread) is off the list then? :bigsmile:

c’mon! if you watch a movie with us I’ll bring some pizza :bigsmile:

is it really a horror movie?

i really like movies like Saw, Saw 2, and Seven…they’re not so much “jump out and surprise you” scary as they are kind of mysteries/puzzles

stuff that is there just to freak you the hell out, surprise you, and scare the crap out of you i do NOT tolerate well ha

on that note…I’m the perfect girl to bring to a scary movie on a first date…i’ll be in your lap hiding my eyes about 30 seconds into the movie…

I’m not a big fan of horror movies too… but my vote could go either to Friedkin’s The Exorcist or to Ridley Scott’s Alien (yeah, for me [I]Alien[/I] is an horror and not a sci-fi movie :bigsmile: ).

It’s terribly hard to find a good horror movie nowadays (BTW many people consider The Sixth Sense an horror… I’m not between them - and also IMDb isn’t :wink: ).


The Exorcist…it would have to be the original uncut version - with the crab-walk down the stairs :wink:

Yeah, I’d say Saw, Saw 2 and Seven were more…psychological thrillers. All very good, though :iagree:


Yeah, I have it on DVD. :wink:


/me spray on this thread some holy water :bigsmile:

Hehe good choices. I am not a big fan of chop chop movies and when something says “get out” you can bet I would be gone.:bigsmile: IIRC The Entity was the scariest movie I saw.:eek:

Thanks for this Arachne, could you put my post about the " Hills Have Eyes " in this thread?

Another vote for Alien…Ridley Scott’s Horror masterpiece…
“In space, no one can hear you scream.”

Yeah, me too :iagree:

Hehe, Geno :bigsmile:

I thought the kitty in Alien was cute (Jones, was it called? I remember it was ginger). :slight_smile:

Ok, another vote for Alien :iagree:

Sure can :wink: