'The Hobbit' at 48 fps induces migraines, barfing

Planning on lining up to see The Hobbit when it comes out later this month? Get popcorn—the bag could come in handy. Audiences who’ve been granted an early look at Peter Jackson’s film have left feeling nauseous, headachy, and dizzy. The culprit, posits The Guardian, is Jackson’s decision to test out new 48-frames-per-second technology. The brain of a typical moviegoer is accustomed to half that speed, but the 24 fps that our eyes know and love is being dumped by directors like Jackson and James Cameron in favour of the 48 fps technology because it gives their films a sharper clarity and the ability to improve the look of 3D. While both Cameron and Jackson are big proponents of these technological advances, audiences may not share their enthusiasm. At least not yet… but maybe after they’ve had a Gravol.
Link: http://www.thescreeningroom.ca/2012/12/the-hobbit-at-48-fps-induces-migraines-barfing.html


Naah, again all that bad mouthing…have we seen before with 3d etc pp.

I think it’s horse puckey.

The tendency to induce nausea is reduced with increased frequency.

I completely buy into the fact that Peter Jackson’s filming techniques,
soaring across panoramic landscapes at high speed… Of course people
get motion sick…