The Hoax R1

Thats the ticket, BTW the movie was pretty good and that land fill DVD played like a champ LOL. Im on the gulf of mexico, Where im at its all NYer and ppl from New England etc. But there building up fast. I wud never go back up north but the 70’s and 80’s i would’nt trade for nothing then old man time never stops and you look back. Where has the time gone. Years go by quicker then ppl think. Actually when i go to Maine i take the ferry from L.I. and get over there that way its quicker. But i have’nt been there in like 7 years. I was a communcations engineer for the federal communcations commission in NYC after i got out of the USMC. After 20 yrs i took the early leave and FL is 2x or more cheaper then up north but clean, warm but not aligator or snake or bug free but i can deal with it. Sorta like the movie snakes on a plane :bigsmile:

Yup, my brother moved to Naples about 4 years ago, never looked back. He was way up north. The kids (all young adults) couldn’t believe the difference. Plenty of job opportunities and way more $ than northern Maine.

I can’t believe how much cheaper most stuff is in S.C. Electricity is cheap as dirt. Duke power runs a big hydroelectric plant @ the dam between the 2 lakes. Everybody says they make great neighbors, practically give away power to the surrounding communities. Hell, even in Greenville (about an hour east) power is 1/2 the cost of up here. Gasoline is about $0.50 /gallon cheaper.
And building a home!, we’ll be able to build a new, big place, big 3 car garage, pool, the whole bit and still pocket some serious $ when we sell up here.

Well I’m gonna watch Planet Terror, no doubt a future Oscar winner…lol

Thats it get out while the going is good, Im on a lake here big bass etc but i don’t bother anymore. There is no car inspection here, No insurance for MC, No helmet Law, No Gun registration, Can have firearms without a license but need a license to carry. Taxes 1500.00 a yr and im on 2 acres. In NY it was 6000.00. What 450,000 in NY is 75-160g here. Only thing i like basements but your not gonna find one here. After the end of my back yard there is 500 acres of forest. So can do anything. Good place now that i think of it to make someone disappear need be :iagree: . This state allows machine gun ownership. NH to easy on guns, And VT no license required to carry in open. I have Maine,NH, MA,CT,RI non resident permits with another 15 more states plus FL. Oh well thats it for the Hoax R1 copies fine from v3,1,8,0 and up and if someone can’t copy it there getting bad DVD’s or using not so good software.

[COLOR=Yellow][I]but i hate the loop where the movie restarts when over. If you know what im talking about is there a settting im missing to stop it for playing over again once its over?.[/I][/COLOR]

Some weeks ago my bank asked me to make several copies of a short movie they wanted to run continious during a week long open house thing. I found a box to check that said “rewind when finished” and it did the trick. Made the movie continue to run. Unchecked it when I finished and haven’t ever had another movie start over. :bow: love platium

I may have that checked and have’nt noticed it. Thank you for the info. I 99.9% clone anyway but i will check it next time.