The Hell That Is The DVD+R disc



Why did they have to do this? I understand that you can record at faster speeds, and blah blah, but they started selling these like a month after I got my G4 with a Pioneer drive, which doesn’t write on the +R. Sure, I could just use the -R and not complain, but they’re never on sale and always out of stock at stores.

:slight_smile: I feel better now


Umm - +r is better, therefore it is heaven ! +R has been around for years - people need to catch up and achieve enlightenment - there, I feel better now :slight_smile:


how do you come to the conclusion that +R is better? Just interested… Because -R is a lot more compatible and you dont have to mess around with bitsetting and all that nonsense…


@ LostCoaster when u see the -R you need to buy a load of them, then when youre down to a quarter stock get a load more… The pio’s are all good drives, I dont have a -R only one, but I got a 106, a 107 and a 108 and they all do good burns, specifically the 107, I use that to burn 8X to TYG01 and Yuden000T01 4X media, as my newer LG and Benq drives will only burn at 4X however much tweaking I do.


That is not true, -R being more compatible is a thing of the past, and Bitsetting is great. :iagree:


Here we go again…(insert icon for please resist).


LOL chas


+R are believed and by testing results more atypical to have proven to use better medium, I too have seen this often. Now with bisetting a +R into a -Rom a huge boost to compatibility is able to be achieved. In some very rare cases on will a -R work but you can just have a 25 stack of those for these few instances. For this reason the +R are more favorable in current time and are cheaper, there is higher demand atm and they are becomming IMO somewhat superior to -R.


well said, i couldnt have said it better well i couldnt thats why i quoted it :slight_smile:


Well said, but not the case for my experience. I find more problems with players and +R, even with bitsetting, mostly Panasonic and off brands. I also find lower prices on -R and a significant benefit in being able to get exacly the media code you want. Too many +R brands are hit or miss when it comes to the media codes.

That being said, I use both. There are great discs in both types. Occasionally I find a good deal on +R discs on sale. In the long run, both play just fine and both burn just fine. Difference are personal.


best buy had verbatim x16 + and x16- on sale.
you can find good moser baer x8 + on sale in many places.
supermedia store sells TY x4 - for great prices.
so both can be found on sale.
as to which is better - at this point it’s almost like the chocolate/vanilla debate… :slight_smile:
i use both and can play both on all my players.