The Guns Must Go


20 kids…

Several incredibly brave ladies…

Brutally murdered by a madman with an assault rifle and two pistols…

What does it take?

Come on America - it’s time to grow up.

Regds, JR


These forums are not set up for political debates or provocative statements such as this one, intended to start inflamed discussions.

While we do try to allow free speech in here to a large degree, this particular post is nothing but flame bait. Yes, the events in Connecticut were tragic and horrifying…the reality goes so far beyond what I can describe that anything I say to try to describe it is inadequate.

But starting this thread does nothing but stir up emotions and will lead to harsh replies from both sides.

I’ve already stopped this type of discussion in the Catbox since the tragedy occurred. We will not allow this thread to stand either.

Please refrain from pouring gasoline on the forums and throwing matches in the future.

This thread is closed. If you have any comments you wish to make regarding my decision to close it, please address them to me in a private message, or take up the matter with the Senior Admins or Management of the site.