The grudge



has anyone had problem with the movie the grudge? i tried but clonedvd2

said file was to big and i don’t know what to do. :confused:


if the film is too large to fit on a 4.7 disc you will need to compress it i use dvd2one not sure where you will get it ,try a google serch


rip it to hard drive with dvd decripter then shrink it to dvd5 size with dvd shrink, both programs are free and very easy to use.


sounds easier than my method :slight_smile: will try that myself


dvd decripter ver is defenetly the best ripper/copy protection remover at the moment.


Agreed. Ver required PSL files for each dvd that had the protection. does this automagically and allows you to rip it. Worked for me last night.


thought that was a typo for a minute, thats a good description. automagically :bigsmile:


Yes it’s my new favorite word. :cool:


I would like to say thank you for your help with the problem " the grude."

dvd shrink thank you very much. :bow:


Just curious to know which clone DVD 2 your using. Slysofts has no problem with this title. But still freeware is goodware:)


Merged the Thank You thread with the original thread, to keep it all together.

Very nice of you to say thanks, a lot of people don’t take that ‘trouble’!


:iagree: i totaly agree, it doesn`t take much to say problem solved and thankyou :slight_smile: