The Grudge - won't burn, says "no disc"



I’m running CloneDVD and AnyDVD and am trying to copy only the main movie from The Grudge. The DVD itself works fine in my computer and my standalone dvd player. I can successfully extract the main movie to the hard drive, and it plays fine on my computer, but when I use CloneDVD to burn it only a blank DVD+R, it won’t play at all. Nothing happens when I play it from the computer, and in the standalone player I get an error saying “no disc”. I get no errors during the burning process.

I’ve checked many other posts here re this movie but none seem to address this specific issue. I’m not getting a filesize error, just it won’t burn properly. Can anyone help?



What media are you using? What is your burner and firmware version? Is this the only movie you are having problems with?


Y not just convert it to a iso and burn with dvd decrypter or nero?


I’m using Memorex DVD+R discs, 8x, 4.7gb. The burner is a Sony DRU-800A, I just got it yesterday and The Grudge is the first movie I’ve tried out. A few mins ago I converted the main movie to an iso and burned it at 8x using CloneDVD, and I get the same error as before: the iso will play fine on my computer on a virtual drive, but after it’s burned onto the disc the player itself (on the computer and the standalone) doesn’t recognize any disc. The standalone (JVC XV-N44) spins it for about a full minute before giving the error. It couldn’t be that 5 discs in a row are bad…


burn the iso using nero or dvd decrypter not with clonedvd2 and see if the results are the same cuz if u do everything the same its hard to figure out the problem.


I would make sure that you have the latest firmware for your drive. The using something like DVDInfoPro to get the media code from the media you are using.

I would also suggest using different media - I know memorex doesn’t always get the best reviews!!


Thanks for all the help guys, I got it to work. I didn’t have to update the firmware, but I’m posting my method on this board to maybe help others…