The greatest terror of this world is

There are a LOT of things threatening our lovely planet Mother Earth. You have fanatics on one side, the internet on another side and let us not forget all the pandemics and the evil internet! What excatly is the greatest terror of them all?

G.W Bush = weiner :bigsmile:

Australian movies. These will make your brains liquify and dribble out your ears with their terrible dialogue & tragic accents.
All else pales in comparison to Crocodile Dundee & Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

World leaders come a distant second & Music from “Presidents of the USA” a measly third (but similar to Australian movies, but luckily now defunct).

Priscilla is excellent :iagree:…but I have to admit liking Peter Jackson’s “Braindead”, too (either an Aussie or NZ movie, can never remember which!) - it’s so stupid you have to laugh :bigsmile:

casted my vote…ehh… votes.

bye. :bigsmile:

everything except the people with underwear on their head is a threat. You forgot to list me, the mods when theyre angry, and the wrath of my pirate kitten army:)

LOL :bigsmile:

Without doubt, the people who wear underware on their heads, will inherit the earth and assimilate as all. :eek:

We people with underwear on our heads are the true rulers. Do not try us. When you see us pirates, it looks like were wearing bandanas on our heads. Guess again!

Us people who wear underwear on our heads are the greatest thing to happen to this world, not the greatest terror. I have to vote for bad movies…on my plane back from D.C. we watched nanny mcphee, and it made the plane ride seem like it was twice as long as it actually was. I was about to kill myself. Oh yeah…terrorists are kinda bad too.

In that circumstance … the terrorists would have been mercy killers.

I was thinking they didn’t plan the attacks, but were forced to when the pilot announced Nanny McPhee was going to be the feature film :Z …They were being mercy killers to the people on the planes, but not the WTC people:( MOMENT OF SILENCE

ok exactly what ‘kind’ of RPG were you …refering to Mr B? (like uh World of Warcraft…or…more like ‘post office’ and ‘nawty nurse’)

The human race???

You got that right-Thx

Hey Sexy Southerner…can you show me how to play “nawty nurse”?:stuck_out_tongue:

well ya see…you have to play the doctor ;)… :bigsmile:

:bigsmile: I’m pretty sure that can be arranged :wink: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

we all are terrible, we wreck the houses of cute littly fuzzy animals.
we kill nature by gasses that are releashed by car ridding or anny other motorished equipment.
factory’s with there smoke.
even deoderent is bad.

we keep animals against there will as pet, i mean how would like it to be in a cage for the rest of your life?

but that is my opinion

Purple Dildos.