The Great Language Game

Here’s a new quiz for you. Listen to the language as it is played and pick which one you are listening to. You’ll have to pick from three or four options. The examples switch around, so there is no telling which languages you’ll get in your quiz.

I scored 550, but got lucky on a couple of them. Apparently I can’t tell Swedish from Norwegian (what a tough choice for a poor Texan to have to make). And Scottish Gaelic sounds like nothing I’ve come across.

I Scored 250. Twice

Mr. Bill

I took it twice & got 400 each time .
That means I’m a good guesser not that I knew what the languages were.

I waited for certain sounds to appear. The eastern European languages tend to have some sounds that I can recognize. Polish was hard for some reason though…that was one of my lucky guesses.

And I had no idea on one of the Indian languages…that was the third one I missed.

First run, and I believe I had more lucky guesses that all you lot combined. Here’s what you have to beat:

Second run gave me 700 points. Missed on Farsi, Bangla and Urdu.