The good old NEC 3520a

Hello there
I’m having some anoying problems with my 3520a ,similar to problems that some other people have with their 3550…
It burns just fine -there is no problems with that, but however it has problems with reading dvds that it just burned a few moments ago…I tryed reinstalling XP, restoring to systems previous date that was before the begining of the problems,cleaned the registry, uninstalling then reinstalling my NEC,and I don’t know what can I do more!?! :sad:
It can’t read the DVD that I just copied to another disk-(when you go to my computer/E/my disk) it reads it like DVD-RW, but I can play that DVD using Power DVD (if its a muvie) …maybe I could live with that,but if anything else is on the disk there is no way I can explore that dvd…
PLEASE HELP if you know how!?!?!?