The Golf Thread for 2009!

Everyone excited, enthused and exhilarated? :slight_smile: :wink:

Its time for the annual golf thread…recounting days of glory, mediocrity or downright embarrassment on the links. So feel free to join in.

This year has been a particularly mild winter, so golf never really shut down for us in W Texas. The courses have been hard and dry, so distance isn’t a problem right now, but anything around the greens has been very tricky to control.

I’ve played a couple of times recently, both on the same course and did ok both times. The first outing they made me play from the back tees, and since the fairways were so forgiving, this wasn’t the usual 4 stroke penalty for me. Managed to shoot a respectable 80 on the par 72.

This last round was from my normal tees, and I had my usual assortment of good and horrible shots. Managed to put my approach shot in a bush on a long par 3…made triple bogey from there, but it was the only major meltdown for the day.

Two interesting holes for me this day. I hit my tee shot so far on the last par 5 that I put it into the water hazard :eek:…this is not something I can do normally. So I had no choice but to try to fly the rest of the water to the green and try to get on in regulation. My shot ran through the green and stopped on the fringe. I then lucked out by chipping in for birdie! This is the only time I can remember where I made birdie on a hole where I also had a penalty stroke.

The 18th is a par 4 380yd hole, slight dogleg right. I hit my normal shot over the hill on the right side of the fairway…then couldn’t find my ball. It ran so far on the brick hard fairway I was only 50 yds short of the green!
Longest drive of the year so far, and probably won’t match that again all year. :slight_smile:

Finished the second round with a 78, so I was happy with that.

Still about 3 to 4 weeks away before golfing starts here. :sad:

But that’s okay I have my Tiger Woods 2008 to play. Although it’s not the real thing.


We just got over a snowstorm where I live but they are getting all the greens ready for the season now. I hope I can break 100 this year, the older I get the less likely it becomes LOL.:bigsmile:

[QUOTE=platinumsword;2234145]Still about 3 to 4 weeks away before golfing starts here. :sad:

But that’s okay I have my Tiger Woods 2008 to play. Although it’s not the real thing.


Yeah same here.

I’m thinking about heading down to the driving range though for a pre-season warm up. :slight_smile:


Played once this year, shot a 115. Started playing alot better the last 6 holes though, parred 2 or 3 of them, missed 2 birdie putts by a total of 3 inches. Not bad for me for my first time out in 6 months.

Shot of the round: about a 60yd pitch to the green on the front 9, put it 3 feet from the hole for a par.

Might go out this afternoon, weather supposed to be nice. Depends on if I wake up in time. Damn night shift!

Unbelievable hole in one story:

First swing ever on a course and it goes in. :eek: :doh:

I’m obviously doing something wrong. :slight_smile:

12,500 to one.

Hmmm… seems like I’ve still got a lot of par 3s left to play then! :bigsmile:


Went out earlier this week on the only day the wind wasn’t blowing 40 mph. The course was crowded and I just wasn’t in sync. I mishit more shots in one round than I have in the last five outings.

After 12 holes I was 10 over, and only my short game was keeping me alive. Then I mishit two drives in a row…badly. Dribbled those drives into the scruff and made a triple then a double bogey.

Thoroughly ticked off, I put the driver in the bag for the last two holes despite them both being long par 4’s. Hit two perfect 3 wood tee shots and finished with two pars. Shot 15 over 86 for the day and didn’t deserve that good a score.

I need some serious work on the driver swing before I go out again, but the winds just won’t let up around here. We had gusts up to 60 today.,152314

Holy crap at this hole…amazing.:eek:


Holy crap at this hole…amazing.:eek:[/QUOTE]

Yeah I read about that in an article on the worlds most extreme holes in ‘Today’s Golfer’ a while back.

Great to see it on video though and totally amazing.


Finally had a good round to talk about. I’ve been in a slump with my golf lately, and have been doing a lot more practicing than actual rounds. I finally found a technique that keeps me from hitting on the heel with my driver…it doesn’t let me hit it extremely long, but at least I’m not dribbling them off to the left. Now I just have to remember to use it. :slight_smile: :doh:

Today I managed to keep it in the fairway or short rough most of the time, and the short game was clicking pretty well. Shot 77 on a par 71.

Still hitting the occasional shot that careens sideways, especially with a club that used to be a favorite of mine. It is a 22 degree utility club with more offset than any other club in my bag. These days I’m hitting sweeping hooks with it…and I normally don’t hook the ball at all. Hate to replace it, as it has saved my hide on many a round of golf.

That’s a great round Kerry. :clap:

I’d be glad to get anywhere near that.

What make/model is your utility club?


Golf… we love it and hate it all at the same time…no??..LOL:bigsmile::a:p

Good example…
About a week and a half ago, one of our foursome has been playing miserably as of late. Normally about a 6 or 7 handicapper, he was shooting well into a high 80s pace… and losing his ‘ARSS’ to the rest of us.

When we reached the 14th green, it became apparent to him that he was about to lose some more money to one of us…again. Well, he just picked up his ball and stormed off, swearing off golf for ever… ‘Never, Ever again!!’ was his exact words.
Didn’t hear from him and didn’t try to call him to see if he was up to playing with us again for about a week. Then this past Sunday I called him to let him know that we would be going out to play a round… he sounded thrilled to hear from me and was very, very enthusiastic about playing.

So we got him back out to the course and all seemed fine… until… I birdied the first hole, got the greenie and skin on the second hole, and promptly won the fourth as well… he was down $100 in only four holes!! We could tell that he was starting to get red in the face again… slightly, but we could tell.

Then we get to that same 14th hole again, by this time he had managed to win a couple skins and had recouped some of his $$, but was still down $120 bucks. He hit a great drive and the rest of us all were in some sort of trouble off the tee… so none of the rest of us hit the green in regulation and that gave him an opportunity to shave $30 or $60 off his losings. He promptly pushes hi second shot to the right, hits a tree branch, drops about 30 yards short of the green, pitches his third shot at the flag almost holing out, but a little hard and it goes completely off the back of the green, and then he chunks his fourth and barely gets back on the green…LOL:bigsmile: … well the temper tantrum starts again… ‘Never, Ever Again!!!’ he started screaming, picks up his ball but atleast does stick around to see if he had to pay someone for the skin. Thank goodness we all bogied!

So he waves bye and walks off the course again… ‘Never, Ever Again!!’ is what we are hearing as he walks off the course towards the parking lot…:frowning: Vowing to quit golf for good this time…

I’ll be calling him today to golf with us, and I truly think he’ll be back out with us even despite his Vow of golf celibacy…LOL :p:bigsmile:

[QUOTE=Wombler;2285872]That’s a great round Kerry. :clap:

I’d be glad to get anywhere near that.

What make/model is your utility club?


That utility club is a Snake Eyes Quick Strike 22 degrees. It was the first model they came out with years ago in the Quick Strike series, and has a small head…looks more like a driving iron than a fairway wood in other words. It is also a little different in that it uses a wood shaft rather than an iron shaft. Most of the newer models of utility clubs use an iron shaft for better control.

I have a newer utility club from Maltby that I can just drill. It says it has 16 degrees of loft, but it plays more like 18. Funny thing is, I hit it straight now, but when I first got it, I couldn’t hit anything but fades.

You should try out the latest rescue/utility clubs as things have really moved on over the last two years.

The Taylormade Burner Rescue is reckoned to be one of the best at the moment but check out the Callaway FT Hybrid and the Cobra DWS Baffler among others.

To be honest you’re now spoilt for choice as a lot of the top manufacturers have really got their act together recently.

Just think of the effect it’ll have on your score. :bigsmile::bigsmile:


The bride was escorted down the aisle and when she reached the altar, the groom was s tanding there with his golf bag and clubs at his side.

She said: “What are your golf clubs doing here?”

He looked her right in the eye and said, “This isn’t going to take all day, is it?”