The golden rule of data storage: BACKUP!

I just posted the article The golden rule of data storage: BACKUP!.

Seagate published the results of a worldwide consumer survey of adult computer users conducted this summer by Harris Interactive®. According to the results of the poll a little over a third of…

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I totally agree, unfortunately… i got too much to backup and i’m so lazy :smiley:

It’s also more important to actually test the integrity of ones archives as well. Don’t assume for a minute that your backups are safe and error-free. Sadly, very few people do this - even many businesses.
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I backup the stuff i find most important, and I also have a redundant hard drive, and I’ll store the same file on two seperate drives, as I’ve had the odd drive crash over the years, and its much easier when you’ve still got it on another drive. But I don’t back it all up, it would take too long, but at least I wouldn’t lose all of it.

“Too bad until now the most reliable media able to store information for many years is the stone (take a look to the pyramids: after thousands of years these are still there…)” I think you’ll find DNA is pretty good at long term information storage as well :slight_smile:

As Zod mentions, using a second hard drive works very well as a backup and from my experience, data stored on a hard drive lasts much longer than most other storage mediums and works out far cheaper than using Blu-ray or HD DVD media for backing up large quantities of data. E.g. 20 x 25GB Blu-ray discs (starting at €15 each here in Ireland) is €300, where as a LaCie 500GB USB2 HDD costs just €94.17, not to mention not requiring a compatible optical drive to use either. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll find DNA has a lot of redundancy (backup) built in. That’s what makes it such a good storage medium