The Golden Girls, Season 5, Disc 3 of 3 R1 US

I’ve tried 3 times to backup this disc. (3 different media brands) Each time, it makes an unplayable disc.

The ORIGINAL plays fine. I do not receive any errors from either AnyDVD or CloneDVD.

I’m stumped.

what do you mean by unplayable? black screen when you insert the disk? if so try un-selecting skip to title menu in anydvd :wink:

Unplayable as in, if I TRY to play it on my laptop using WinDVD, the program just freezes. In my home DVD player, the disc just spins. Blank screen.

have you used quality media? yuden mcc/verbatim?

also when referring to programs ALWAYS post version numbers. (and never say “latest” or “newest”)