The godfather



i have just bought the godfather collection, having never seen any of them before i really havn’t a clue in which order to watch them. there are parts 1,2 and 3. one that just says “the godfather” and another which is a bonus disc.Thx a lot for anyone who can answer me this stupid question.


Just the numerical order :slight_smile: So first 1, then 2 and after that 3.


yesh but what about the one that just says the godfather dvd collection?? do i not watch that 1st or is it just a different storyline with diff charecters etc…?


Got the box myself and one of the great things is that, although there are many years apart, the cast remained the same.

If you have enough time and are able to sit through it all, watch all three episodes in one night…great movies, absolute classics. Don’t have the box at hand, but I can remember the discs being numbered, so the order should be clear…


Another classic movie. When you sit down to watch them, do it 1,
2, 3. They do follow a story line…

Scarface is another good one too!!


I agree. Get scarface while you’re at it. It’s damn good.


watch it from 1 to 3, that’s best i guess :cool: