The Godfather:please Help!

I Have A Major Problem When Playing The Godfather.

Problem Is That In The Game I Can Enter Any Vehicle By Pressing Space In My Keyboard But Cannot Exit The Vehicle.there Are No Option In Controls.i Try All The Keys In My Keyboard For Exiting The Vehicle.but Nothing Works.

I Am Pretty Much Confused.could Anybody Help Me???

What does the games manual tell you to do?

Hell yeah, I’d like to know that too…

I know this is a side effect of using the crack floating around the internet, so unless you can explain why you want to use the crack with an [B]origional[/B] game then the rules say we can’t help you :cop:

Ok.i Solve The Problem.but I Will Not Tell Anyone How!!!


Now Now that’s not a very good Attitude to have. Just think about the next time you need help! People will do the same to you.

listen.nobody helps me in this forum.they give suggestion.using nocd crack is useful to protect the valuable original rom.that is why everybody use no cd crack.

look at forum.there u see how many people have the same problem as me.u want to say that all the people are using illegal copy???if u think that then i will not help anybody.

We are just trying to help you backup legally your valuable original so you can play your backup copy with out any nocd patch and rubbish like that. If you knew some of the hidden codes and Trojans in some of those nocd patches you would be very worried. Go to the copy protection thread and learn how to back up your originals legally and have fun playing your game. :slight_smile:

if you had read the forum rules before you so rudely started posting in here, we do not discuss cracks here.

taunting people that you know how to get around it and won’t tell is juvenile and doesn’t matter because even if you did get around it, it would be against forum rules to post how.

if u dont want to help tell straight forward.dont give suggestion to what to do what not to do.

and if anybody want to know howto fix this the godfather problem pm me.

According to the official manual you use the use key (That’s the Spacebar for the PC game) to get in or out of a car.

The first nocd crack of the file GODFATHER.EXE messes up all theses settings.

So if you have “solved” your problem MaXXpayne, you have probably found another nocd crack for your illegal download. Good for you.

Referring to your EA Forum reply. Also in the EA Forum they’ve identified it was the crack.

thread reported

no i dont use a no cd crack for godfather.i solve it in another way.and now the space key work like a charm!

im guessing you changed the settings under controls

ooooh im dying to know… not :smiley:

Okay, I think it is time to let this die people.

I have the same problem can you please help me whit the info:))

Then read the whole thread - again.