The General "why doens't it work" FAQ

The following questions have been asked for millions of times on this forum.

Perhaps your question is already answered in this FAQ

Q: I cannot backup this new dvd movie!
A: Yes, that’s because new dvd movies have better protection. Try RipIt4Me, DVDDecrypter and DVD Shrink (yes, in that order). Or try ANYDVD, or ANYDVD HD, or DVDFAB…

Q: My new writer doesn’t work in my (old) system.
A: Yes, that’s because your old system cannot deal with your new writer “on the fly”. You need to configure the new writer exactly the same as your old writer or reinstall the operating system. Got a Dell or HP? Try Cable Select. Did you make sure your writer is comaptible with your sytem?

Q: DVDShrink stopped working!
A: See 1)

Q: What’s better? DVD+ or -?
A: It doesn’t matter on modern devices. You can set DVD+ to DVD-ROM using Booktype. This will help old devices to recognize the DVD+ as if it were a pressed DVD-ROM. Better compatibility. + tends to be more reliable than -, but don’t take my word for it.

Q: Media “Brand name” doesn’t work!
A; Try different media. Try GOOD media. Try EXPENSIVE media. Try Rewritable media. Saves dollars.

Q: Can i put more than one movie on a single dvd?
A: Yes, but you need some expertise. Search the forums.

Q: Isn’t there a program that can do anything i need?
A: No. There are programs for general use. Some are free, some aren’t

Q: .CUE , .MKV, .OGG, other weird file extension! What are they?
A: If you don’t know, you need to read about them in the forums.

Q: Can i edit .ISO files?
A: Sure, there are tools for that such as Isobuster amongst several others.

Q: WAV or MP3?
A: I dunno. What do you use it for? Want to encode? Want do transcode? Want to listen? Want to store? Perhaps you like .OGG better?

Q: Weird movie format to DVD?
A: ConvertXToDVD, MediaCoder, see the forums or

Q: DVD to weird movie format?
A: AUTOGK, FlaskMpeg, CinemaCraft Encoder, VirtualDubMod, Vidomi, see the forums or

Q: Where can i download all these neat tools?
A: Several places. Tried the cdfreaks main page yet? Tried Tried google?

Q: Nobody answered my question!
A: You also paid nobody to answer it, so be patient please. We’re volunteers, not your 24/7 helpdesk. :slight_smile:

Q: I’m not satisfied with the answer!
A: See 14)

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