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 The  Register conducted an interview with the VP of marketing for Macrovision, Adam  Gervin. The interview focuses on the future of Macrovision and where they  believe they will fit into the DRM...
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i don’t like these copy protections. the truth is that, when they realise there existing protection can be breached. and people still copy theer material, they will go so far that only the people who buy the media legialy, will be the victim of it! i have a mp3 player, and i want to play my bought cd’s on this player also. what if we can no longer do this or can’t even play it on our car stereos? or what if we can’t play dvd’s on our pc anymore??? i see a very dark copy protection war (the war fo rmony and rights), and we are the real victims!


/me doesnt care much, I like copy protections, as I copy for fun and as a hobby, there isnt a problem, its just one big game too me:)


“using hash checking to ensure people are stealing the right file” As a Canadian, I take offence at this statement, It isn’t illegal to download so it isn’t stealing. We compensate our artists through a copyright fee which is collected. Please choose your words carefully thanks


Please keep in mind that you are quoting the Register there! Not CDFreaks.


Craprovision have a future?


If you can’t copy it, it won’t sell. eg. Nintendo Gamecube


Gamecube (eg,. Gaycube) does not sell because it is designed for a limited audience. Nintendo decided to be overrun by women, sorry ladies, and continue to spew out kiddie, childish games or heavily filtered versions. This is called parent friendly software by some. Protections (eg,. constraining systems) do not allow freedom; thus, protect only a few pocketbooks. Honestly, I have observed most actions against innovation taken by government or/and organized parties trying to secure their flow of income. It is difficult to discern the true image of the actual party responsible with all the media control cultivated recently, but most of us have an innate sense of the truth through observation, I hope. Protection is a purposeful American language misrepresentation, it is the protection of the dollar. As an example, people never die, they “pass away.” Such language use on a mass scale decreases the impact of the argument of such things as death. It seems off topic, but the open minded see, see the truth of the matter without the need for discourse. The rest of the argument is easily derived, I will not continue but hope only that some have awakened or experienced thought provoking endeavors.:B


Strange though that Nintendo seem to be making a larger profit :stuck_out_tongue:


…so what’s this DVD rip guard? Anyone had any experience with it or is it just such crap like the rest of MV’s offereings that nobody’s noticed it?


A green marker round the outside of the disc might just circumvent it. Ha ha ha.


Die Macrovision die! :d


That might be one reason as to why it doesn’t sell but it’s a known fact that if people know they can copy the software, they will buy the console. They will also buy orginal games in addition to any they copy. They also like the fact they can backup their software in case it gets damaged. I may have bought a gamecube had i been able to copy the software. I also would have bought original games for it. Perhaps with their next console they might wish to take a more conservative approach rather than introducing some lame proprietary disc format.


I totally agree with the whole if you can not copy it, it will not sell. Look at the PS1. It was the best selling system ever, and everyone in their dogs had them modded. Yet it still sold millions of copies of games and hardware. Saturn failed because of this feature, it was too hard to backup the games, and xbox well damn I would just like to get an old one for the affect of having a 250 gig media centre in that small little box!


Well, is there a list of RipGuard protected DVDs? I guess it cannot be broken unless someone can get their hands on them :slight_smile: