The Future Is Near!



I hope I am posting this in the right forum. I was wondering with the new blue ray tec. and microsoft if or what we will need in the future? IE: Current vidio cards will need to be changed (how will this affect playback?) Should we keep the old ones so they are not chiped? Anty idea on current burners?
I am just trying to stay ahead of the curve as I build and upgrade older systems.


The future is scary: <clickety here>
Don’t know what timescale they’re talking about, but I would hate to be at the mercy of such a draconian, locked down, pay for breathing type system.


The future looks grim. They are trying to force digital tv on us, which means hdtv, blue ray and the like. If they manage, consider yourself screwed. They are even going so far as planning to provide digial to analog converters to force the format through. It’s not that hd scares me, its that every single piece of hd equipment planned scares me. Plan to give up your rights. I’m sticking with dvd and analog tv till I’m forced to change (which might happen), or till blue ray and such fal flat on thier ass, fail, and a more consumer friendlly format comes along. I hope both these blue disk formats go the way of beta. Thats the only place they belong.