The Funniest Accent in the World!



Myself and some friends on the way home the other day were taking the piss out of the accents that some english speaking international executives when they visited Oz.

As an Occer (aussie), I recognise the hideous drawl and very, um, rounded way of speaking which us occers tend to have. But I can’t for the life of me ignore the hideously tortured way of pronunciation that americans have (How on earth do they pronounce the word ‘block’ as ‘Black’ :confused: ), the difficulties chinese have pronouncing the letter “R” in all words (“flied lice is good!”), the way NZedders pronounce “Fish and chips” as “Foosh n Choops”, or the english’s dry accent or the irish’s, um, violently charged way of pronouncing everything.

For everyone… Who’s got the funniest accent when speaking english?


i love turkish girls voices.

//confused about block / black. phonetically guessing, block = bl(some kind of awww)ck , while black = bl(ahhhh sound)ck. maybe its an ears thing :smiley:


Yeah, I’d think so too :slight_smile: But apparently US citizens can desecrate the english language by totally screwing up pronunciation of long established vowel sounds :wink:


Of course i’m French ! How else do you think i got this outrrrrrreagaous accent !


“You seelly English kaaarrrrnigget!”

We demand a Shrubbery!


Thats funny, I was just researching the english knnnniggets on Google, it is mighty hard to spell correctly I tell you.

Cockney-english is the coolest english accent. Can be funny too.
“SkÃ¥nska” is a fun dialect aswell, spoken by those who live down there.
Common for swedish dialects is that the warmer it gets the faster people talk. In “Norrland” which is way up there they freeze and therefore prefers to pronounce two-word sentences. I live in the western-lower-middle so I talk “lagom”.


A heavy East Indian in English accent is very… interesting. :smiley:


My maths teacher -_-"





A year passed. Winter changed into Spring. Spring changed into Summer. Summer changed back into Winter. And Winter gave Spring and Summer a miss and went straight on into Autumn.


Irish is really cool (go see boondock saints).
And dutch people also have a hilarous accent. Also they like to translate their sayings in dutch like: “voor mijn part” translates something like: “from my point of view” but they translate it to english litteraly:
“for my part” :stuck_out_tongue:

*mace1337 is glad he has a sussex (UK) accent, though he thinks he’s becoming rusty.


New Zealand all the way, babee!

I think Australia and the U.S.A. took Queen’s English and ran different ways–Aussies have a strong but laid-back way of talking, and we Yanks sound too damned lazy to articulate our words.


I’ve got a bit of a scouse accent, but not a strong as some other people in the city.


You have no idea. And the hundreds of variants on that horribly trashed language they call “english” is horrendous. Bronx, NYC, California, Florida, Louisiana, pretty much every state has their own “tone”, and it pains us Canadians to hear it everytime.

At least you don’t LIVE right next to them… :stuck_out_tongue:


And the smell…

And the women dragging screaming, tortured, battered, sexual assaulted Iraqi POW’s through your backyards at all hours of the night…

And the illegal immigrants they throw over the fence into you backyard…

And the “premium channels” they broadcast at rediculously high power…

And the pathetic marketing propaganda they pass off as cartoons…

And the endless stream of stupid sitcoms…

And the rednecks stealing your roadkill…

And their dogs barking all night…

And the shouting matches…

And the pyramid scams…

And the RIAA…

And etc…


I tell you, it’s a tough life Canadians have. See what we need to put up with? :wink:


I don’t even understand the various South Korean dialects, not to mention North Korean, Manchu, Japanese, and Chinese ones. How am I supposed to understand the differences among English accents worldwide?

Most times, I utter only one or two things such as “uh” and “eung” but then silence is even better. This philosophy made me very difficult to learn English accents. Keeping tight lips helped me to stay forgotten and selfless.

English as it is is used most actively among all the languages in the human history ever. Not only has it the most diverse styles in accents and other aspects, it also has the most in common among them because a standard language is a standard anyway.

By the way, you are all going to face hundreds of millions of newly arrived English speakers from China in the coming decades. It’s a first for the Chinese history of five millenia but also a first for the English language.


I never tried to learn my mother’s language, Chon La Nam Do saturi but there’s never a serious discussion between us so that’s no problem.


that’s kinda odd, you’d expect somebody to know your mum’s language…


3 Danish comedians have made a TV show about a bicycle-team, whose highest wish is to compete in Tour De France. The team (Team Easy On) consist of: Henning Primdahl (maneger/Coach), Bobby Olsen (Mountain specialist) and Pim de keysergracht (Sprinter). Pim is my favourite, he’s a Dutchman, constantly smoking weed and talking about his mothers “clinic” in the ‘red light district’ in a blend of the Dutch and English language. You can watch Pim introduce himself in this video, but you’ll have to forward the movie to 4.48 min. At 6,09 min he’s “greasing his ass”. :bigsmile:

Pim is not a genuine Dutchman but just a crazy Dane, but in my opinion, most Dutchmen are very good at English and they have a real charming accent. I love Especially when they pronounce the letter V as an F. :wink: