The FTI Produced TDK Party Is Over At Meritline



It seems the supply has dried up over at Meritline for the FTI produced TDK that
we have all come to know and love so much it really looks like the FTI TDK party
is over now. :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

They are selling another TDK product with the reddish brown and blue label now I’m
not sure where they are produced at but I’d bet a dollar to a dough nut hole that they
are not even close to the quality of the FTI TDK discs. :disagree:

I’m thinking about ordering a 50 piece cake-box of them for testing but I’m not going to
hold my breath for receiving top quality discs. :disagree:

New reddish / blue TDK discs

[Edit]OK I bit the bullet and bought a 50 piece cake-box will post results after I receive them[End Edit]

Here is a pic of what they are selling now. :doh:


Thanks for the info. :flower:


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[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2572491]Always here :wink:[/QUOTE]

Yes but a lot higher in price and shipping than the TDK discs from Meritline was. :sad:

I will be trying out the TDK discs that Meritline is selling right now and I’m
hopping for the best but I don’t expect a lot out of them :disagree: I’m guessing it
will more than likely be more like :Z :Z :Z :Z :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: oh man more
money wasted on junk media. :sad:


I guess that these new TDK media are made by MBIL.


Oh man, those TDK discs look like garbage :frowning:

Off the cuff that a brown reddish dye is usually Ritek media - I don’t know MBI DVD-R, but I do know CMC it is a faint blue like dye - Not to be confused with the dark blue AZO dye produced by Mitsubishi :slight_smile:

I hear, but I can’t confirm, that TDK media was decent, buit when they went to outsource quickly became unreliable media. For now, and having bad results with CMC MAG dyes, I will stick to the much better, but can be got for about the same price, RitekF1 dye, which I hear is very good :slight_smile:

Edit - I always record and burn on Maxell DVD-R. My rule of thumb, always stick to brand name media :wink: