The frozen Thone Emulation

I am trying to make an image of my tft disk so i dont have to switch cds bewteen games, so far i have had failure. It tells me that there isn’t a cd in the drive.
I am using daemon tools to mount it, and i have a memorex 48x.
I was wondering if anybody else has managed to do this, and could help me

Have you chosen the Profile “Securom *NEW (4.x/5.x)” when you read tft(also try to enable DPM when reading)?

I was able to make a working image with this profile.

Should i choose “copy mode”? if so:
I choose to read sub-channel data, and precusuib high data position measurement.
I am here now, and i dont know which read method to choose (i am somewhat of a noob)
I choose to read sub-channel data, and
also, should i choose “rectify sub-channel data”
or "burn ‘RMPS’ to recordable meda

Place source disc in your cd-drive and go to “Image Making Wizard” in Alcohol
Choose your cd-reader (memorex 48x) and read speed (try 8x)
Choose the Datatype “Securom NEW (v4/5)”
Press “next” and choose where to save your image file
Click “start” and wait for the image to be created
Mount image on Daemon Tools and try playing game
If it still doesn’t work, enable “securom emulation” in Daemon Tools and try game again

Do you just want to create an image file and not a backup cd? If so, these steps should be all that is required! :slight_smile:

that works

Does the mounted image start the game successfully?