The French Language Rocks! (Was that a translation error?)

The french have a secret society, well, not that secret, that ensures the french language remains the same as it was in the dark ages.

Most likely it takes centuries to review a new commonly used french word before they even consider adding it to the french dictionary. On top of that, it won’t be added, unless it’s of french origin.

“We dun need no stinking american pig-dog translations”

Effectively, the french language is under more stress than a DD sized bra to describe new technology & breakthroughs, that their language liberal brethren around the world have adopted slang for.

Should every language have a strict review committee to ensure that additions are thoroughly reviewed before including in our vocabularies?

Or are the French just nuts?

You decide.

Beat ya Airy

Nuts! They are nuts i tell ya!
Their mother was a hamster and their father smelled like elderberries!

You silly english carrrrnigget!

What, you say France has a tough stance on foreign words? Try Iceland. There, there are no foreign words.

We have our academy (they ones with the Nobel prize in litterature, you know) loitering around and spending countless hours on linguistics, but people doesnt seem to bother anyway. Which is sad, because its horrible to see some’s spelling (some’s? I invent new words! You, in corner!). Those who spell in error on purpouse should be beaten with large toothpicks.

How large?
Large like a bowl of jelly, large like the moon, or large like Mr B’s collection of weird polls?

As large as a toast on the moon!

Well, it might be better then using too much foreign words.
In Japan, everybody loves using English words.

People use words without even knowing the real meaning!:rolleyes: