The French Connection is Mission: Impossible?

The 2001, Region 1, 20th Century Fox Five Star Collection release of “The French Connection” seems to have some extraordinary protections in place.

The disc plays fine in a shelf top DVD player. It looks to be in almost new condition.

The disc plays fine in an older Lite-On 16X DVD drive, but will not play from a newer Sony DRX-820U.

Using my Sony DRX-820U, the current release of DVD Fab Platinum starts scanning, but never stops. I have tried all three PathPlayer settings and had the same result.

Using my older Lite-On 16X DVD drive, the disc gets scanned, but Fab wants to restart with PathPlayer after a few seconds of reading the disc contents. Then it will encounter a read error and crash.

On either drive, every attempt to read the disc with DVD Fab Platinum crashes the program within a couple minutes.

I’ve never had a problem like this before, so I’m hoping you may have seen something similar and have a helpful suggestion.

I think I have a different version of that. What does the box look like(color)? Did discs that old have structure protection?

:confused:Although my copy is the same age as yours it is not the five star copy. to my knowlege at that time there were none of the tougher copy protections of today.In 2001 shrink and decriptor were still being upgraded.My copy backed up fine but it was a Walmart special. It could be a bad press.Wish i could help more but without the same copy thats about all i can do.Send the Ifo files to Fengtao.

This copy has a silver border around a shot of Gene Hackman holding a .38.

I, too, was thinking that there might just be something physically wrong with this particular disc, after having messed around with it a couple more hours. If I can exchange it and get the backup to work with a new copy, I’ll post back.

Another copy of the movie backed up just fine. The first copy must have had something physically wrong with the disc.

Thanks for the update. This happens more often than I can believe.