The Forgotten?



Hi everyone,

I usually find a way to make a backup of all movies (DVD).

“The Forgotten” has me stumped though.

It will load Ok with AnyDVD v4572.

Elby CloneDVD 2 v2751 will not make a backup of this movie.

I have even tried other software,
DVD Decrypter
DVD Shrink
DVD X Copy v141
Clone DVD

None of these have worked either.

I use a Sony DRU 500A to read and write.
Windows XP Pro and Windows XP Media edition.

Any comments would be appreciated.

RandyRB… :bow:


You have to tell us more information.

Elby CloneDVD 2 v2751 will not make a backup of this movie.

Explain this with alot more details, what error’s are you getting or when does the program stop or at what point it will not let you go any further


Just search the forums with the many threads already on this specific movie.


It says,

Processing Error:

G:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_03_1.VOB: read error

Data Error (cyclic redundancy check).

If reading the media has failed, please clean the surface and try again.

File1 G:/VIDEO_TS/VTS_03_1.VOB 23 TCSector Reader

Also during the copy process in the “Title Configuration” area where you usually can see the Preview. The movie will not show up in this area.

I have read on other sites that other people are having problems also.

This is a brand new disk, I have already sent for another one just in case it is the disk.

Any other info you need ?

Thanks for the fast reply.

RandyRB … :bow:


I have searched and none really give an answer for Elbys CloneDVD 2.

I will wait for the other disk and see if that might make a difference.



I not sure why you are getting that error message, that problem was fix with Anydvd a Month ago, 2005 01 17

  • New: Added support for a new version of the “Sony ARccOS
    protection” as found on “The Forgotten” (US) to the option
    to remove “Protection based on unreadable Sectors”


This is a double layer movie, which actually has two version of the movie. The theatrical version and an alternative ending movie. These view choice options appear at the beginning of the movie.

You need to split this into 2 DVDs or burn 1 Dual Layer. I split and put it on 2 DVD’s and worked perfect. I happen to use DVDFab Platinum.

Hope this helps.


I used DVD2one and it worked fine. I hope they fix CloneDVD 2, this is the only software I like to use. Very good quality.

Thanks for the help.



It is fixed, it works fine



I found the problem.

It is AnyDVD v4572.

I deleted that version and installed v4562.

v4562 works fine with safe mode checked under the Programs tab, also select all under the Feature Removal in the DVD tab.

With these changes CloneDVD 2 v2571 works just fine.

It took me 5 hrs. but finially figured it out.

I hope this helps someone else out.