The Forgotten

I am unable to backup my copy of this Disk. I was using DVD2ONE 1.5 full Disk. Also saw that nerorecode and any DVD failed.

Got through 75% then error message stated that VOB and IFO dont match and aborted. The third main movie VOB file was not completed.

When I ripped the movie their was an error in VTS 03_1.VOB when read with my liteonit DVD 163D. No problem with Pioneer AO6. Is this disk copy prottected.

Are these two things connected.

This is the first Disk I have been unable to Backup.


Made a copy of The Forgotten this afternoon.
First tried DVDShrink and recieved an error message almost
immediately. Something about …Cyclical redundancy error.
Think that was it.

Then used VobBlanker to rip to hardrive.
DVDShrink to shrink.
DVDDecryper to burn.
That worked.

I also had a problem with The Forgotten. DVDDecrypter seemed to read it fine. Launched DVD Shrink, set it all up, and went to encode it and about half way through it said it was out of memory, could not process a command that big…something like that. This is also the first movie I have been unable to copy.

I tried VobBlanker but that program just locks up.

Try AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. Go to the website. Free for 21 days.

Used the NEWEST DvdDecrypt to rip (file mode) and DVDShrink to compress, and Copy2DVD to burn. It made a good copy. :bigsmile:

I also tried it this morning with CloneDVD and DVDXCOPY xpress and both did not work. this is the first time it happened to me. anyway upon experimentations, i finally made a good copy using DVDshrink and DVDdecrypter. 1. use decrypter first(file mode) to rip into HD. just make sure you choose the whole disc because if you choose movie only, it won’t work. 2. then next step is encoding(dvdshrink) using the files from 1. now you can choose if you want just the main movie or the whole disc and make sure you select burning using dvddecrypter. 3. finally, using decrypter burn the ISO created from 2 to a blank DVD. hope this helps.

AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 works fine. I burned it with no problems.

Used DVD2one ver 1.5 to do movie only. You have two choices the theatrical and the extended version.

The theatrical works but the extended skips the last three chapters in my Sony DVD player. On the computer both versions work.

Another point of interest. I ripped the full movie to my HD with a litonit 166.

With an earlier version of DVDecrypter I received an error but with the latest version no error. Even with the error free version I cant do a full disk backup with DVD2one.


This was my first attempt at backing up a movie. I figured I would try a not so easy one to begin with.
Used AnyDVD along with CloneDVD2 and didn’t have any problems at all. :bigsmile:

Anyone here successfully used DVD Decrypter along with Nero Recode to backup this movie? It seems after using Recode with advance analysis checked, English Dolby 5.1 and 2.1 audio selected, English subtitle selected, and all other settings at default, the movie will not play in my Panasonic Progressive Player DVDS35. I see a black screen for a very long time. However, the Previews of other movies on the same burned Verbatim DVD+R (Bitsetted to DVD-ROM) Digital Movie Reel showed up fine. Another twist, both the Previews and Main Movie on this disc played fine with all versions of WinDVD and PowerDVD and DirectDVD ES. The movie was burned using Nec 3500AG (connected via external usb 2.0 enclosure) at 12X. Again, the media used was the high quality Verbatim 4X DVD+R Digital Movie Reel. Nec 3500AG firmware is current at 2.28QV2MR Extreme by Quickee. UDMA is set at mode 2 in Windows XP SP2.
I used Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.61 to check for transfer and disc surface errors. No problems there.

Oh! I tried this with several Verbatim discs. I also went through the whole process of ripping via DVD Decrypter and burning and encoding with Nero Recode several times as well. The results were the same as stated before in the first paragraph.

I am aware that the latest DVD Decrypter normally gives the can’t find pack header, inserting dummy sectors, etc… error messages. I know that these things can be ignored. I did just that and the movie was successfully ripped to harddrive.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

dvd shrink needs a update because this is the 3rd cd i could not copy with shrink. going to try other programs will let you know

Guys, all you need is the latest version of DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. Use it to rip in file mode first and then use DVD Shrink to open up the ripped file folder. The Forgotten has the new Sony Arccos protection on it and that is why none of the older programs can do it. DVD Shrink will read it just fine once you have Decrypted it first with DVD Decrypter. I did a backup of it a couple days ago using the method I just listed and it worked great. Rip in File Mode with DVD Decrypter, open up file folder with ripped files with DVD Shrink and proceed as usual. Simple enough. :wink:

To bad the movie isn’t worth all the trouble. :rolleyes: :Z

I already know that it works with the combination of Shrink and DVD Decrypter. With Shrink the burned DVD+R works great on my Panasonic player, WinDVD, and PowerDVD. My thought was that Recode was a newer improved version of Shrink being developed by the same author for Nero. Seems not the case if Shrink works and Recode doesn’t. Sony is starting to tick me off with all this Arccos protection crap! In addition, I hate to add to my already large collection of dvd copying softwares. It’s getting old using so many different softwares for copying dvds. And it seems wishing for a single do-it-all software is futile.

Don’t get me started on using DL DVD+R. Too darn expensive and compatibility risk is still too high.

Although, it’s nice to see that people are in the same boat when trying to copy this movie. Thanks for all the suggestions in any case.

Yeah, the weird thing is that I tried this with a recent version of Clone DVD and AnyDVD (AnyDVD V4.4.1) and I couldn’t get AnyDVD to rip the disc and even after ripping it with DVD Decrypter first, Clone DVD wouldn’t recognize it. DVD Shrink did it just fine though. As for Nero Rencode? IMHO waste of money as it is essentially the same program as DVD Shrink but costs money. The current version of DVD Shrink isn’t more than 6-7 months old so it isn’t ancient or anything.

AnyDVD has been updated to work with this movie.

I use AnyDVD (newest version) and DVD Shrink (which burned with nero automatically)
Everything else gave me coasters

Was able to backup full disk using DVDdecrypter 3520 and DVDshrink 3.2. with litonit 163D and NEC3500A.

With an earlier version of DVDdecrypter and my litonit 163D the rip produced errors with the latest version of DVDdecrypter and the litonit 163D no errors.

I was able to rip the disk with an earlier version of DVDdecrypter and a pioneer AO6 without errors and do movie only backups of the theatrical and extended version with DVD2one 1.5. DVD2one whould not do full disk.

Does anyone know how to recognize this form of copy protection.


i used any dvd and i ripped it witout any error messages

Thanks For All The Help I Think I Can Do It Now