The folder (c:\......\) is not a DVD folder?

Hi Everybody,
I have just installed a trial copy of “DVDFabGold” by hoping I would copy DVD movies to my hard disk easily as advertised. Software found inserted DVD fine and showed it in its window as source. Below the source Marked as “Disk Folder” there is slut to enter the destination folder. Whatever I put or select there, DVDFab Gold gives the following error message:
“The folder (c:\MYDVS) is not a DVD folder.
File (c:\MYDVDS\VIDEO_TS.IFO) does not exist”.
What should I do?
Cipram :a 18 Aug, 07

Welcome to CD Freaks.

Try creating the MYDVDS folder with Explorer.

Your saved DVD is probably in a sub-folder of “MYDVDS”. DVDfab creates sub-folders with the name of the operation you are performing, like “Customize”, or “Split”…
Use Explorer to check what is in your “MYDVDS” folder.