The Flash games / website games thread!

Flash games are fun!
Post links to the games that you know of and hopefully we can compile a nice big list to reference!

Fly the copter!
Paper basketball!

Spank the monkey :stuck_out_tongue:

I was trying to find a game when you’re drunk trying to take a piss, but I found this one instead. I think it was recently in the Quest. :cool:

Here it is!

Watch the seat!!

Tetris Archade

Mars Massacre

Bushido Fighters

IQ Test

Warning: Stupid people need not play this game.

Pencak Silat
Drag Racer v3
Ganguro Girl 1.5 (Nawty link)

Plenty more games, just too tired :stuck_out_tongue: has alot of flashgames, some really good like Dragracer.

Dont forget all five Yetigames! Play them all week now until the olympics starts!

And don’t forget the largest archive of flash media on the net; Newgrounds! (

Beware… some ads NSFW is good, ts the home of online games

Lots and lots of flash games :