The first Xbox pics available!

I just posted the article The first Xbox pics available!.

Source: GameAddicts News

Serveral gaming sites report of the new pics:

The first pictures of Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox console have begun circulating the Internet. GameAddicts has managed to…

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Hey dammit! didn’t I send you news regarding that a few days ago??? Another X-box pic:

its design doesn’t look to hot compared to the new Gamecube and PS2. In fact, it kinna resembles… A PC!!!


R0bby, how come your xbox pic looks nothing like the one being shown above?

RObbie doesn’t know

R0bby’s pic is a fake…
And the X-BOX almost is a PC… Micro$oft shit…

R0bby’s pic was a fake one posted and created months ago by some idiot for idiots to believe it’s real.

Would be cool if they left the X Black and painted the rest of it in a silver/chrome color and I would of put a Blue/Purple light on top of the box and on the controller where the bubble is…

It´s running on win milennium

Is it just me, or does that controller’s button layout and general shape resemble that of Dreamcast’s?

Note how they avoid to show the back … anyone trying to take pictures of the back at CES are wrestled down by Micro$oft security …

Who wants a game console with HUGE NOISY FANS anyway? (That’s what’s on the back)

it is really working on a small Windows NT 5 kernel. I liked the box that they showed at the convention where the box is an X.