The First USB 2.0 drive for PCs to reach the market



I just posted the article The First USB 2.0 drive for PCs to reach the market.

QPS announced today that they will start shipping their USB 2.0 external CD-RW drive. The drive is able to both write and rewrite at 8 speed and read at 32 speed. The drive has a 2 Mb buffer to…

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It is great that USB is going better but still :r and again :r


hmm , still no match for firewire …


well its not that they wanna match to firewire, its all about standards, if you buy a pc these days you get standard 2 or 4 usb connectors, I dont see many pc’s sold with firewire options…in fact, if you buy such external device you want to use it on more then 1 pc (otherwise you get a intern 16x or 20x) and I think usb is the more standard :slight_smile: