The first Plextor 24x (PX-W2410A) review available

I just posted the article The first Plextor 24x (PX-W2410A) review available….

The guys from CDR-info were again the first with the review of the new plextor drive: PX-W2410A IDE CDR-W. The drive was announced almost a month ago. This new drive is the first drive which…

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Seems like a great drive… Especially when it finally can create 100% working SafeDisc 2 copies! One thought though: The review says that the read-speeds in CloneCD suck, and my question is, will all other sipported drives be able to create the SafeDisc 2-images so I can burn them with the Plextor? I have a Plextor 8432 and I have never used it for making the images, I have always used my Toshiba XM-6702B CD-ROM… WIll this still work with SafeDisc 2 protected discs?

Chronic: The problem with SD2 is the writing part - not the reading part. So all drives that can produce a valid SD1 image file with CloneCD will also be able to produce a valid SD2 image. So the answer to your question is YES.

I will have too wait for the SCSI version, prob a very long wait :frowning:

Thanks, petspeed! :smiley:

“plextor cares about its customers” hah, whatever… my 8/20 plextor can’t even perform the basic task of writing onto a miniCD or a business card shape CD… it doesnt even recognise something writable in the drive! Plextor cared so much about making a bugfixed firmware that they politly told me to fuck off. I’d love to buy plextor again, but they just dont have the latest features anymore.

Rowan, you can to write a 3" CD or BC CD in an 8/20, you just need a Caddy adapter. Its not a firmware fixt, the PHYSCIAL DRIVE cannot handle smaller then the regular size. If you want more info on these Caddy adapters, LEMME KNOW… I burn 3" all the time in my 8/2/20 and my 8/20 :4

Plextor … Again rulez :4:4:4

I have a funny feeling that now when the SD2-capable writers are hitting the market I can bet my foot that SD3 will surface pretty fast… But not until Plextor and the other companies are happy with their sales-figures! Then they’ll just call their friends over at Macrovision and say: OK, you can start using it now, mwua ha ha ha! :wink: Who said I’m paranoid? Huh? Huh? :wink:

i read both reviews (plextor and liteon) and liteon seemed ALOT better strangly enough just a very little slower sometimes, but the liteon can at least read everything and do dea without faults what do u guys think? will plextor be able to make this up before releasing the drive? if not my next drive will be the liteon

Wasn’t the Plextor released today? That’s the date I heard, 2nd of August!

plextor rulez and keeps on ruling…dont talk about that liteon piece of shit, lite on is a low end low budget brand that can never compete with plextor...but I hope that theyll make a scsi version of it this time…cause I really nead a new writer…

have u read the reviews??? plextor had problems with reading all kinds of shit… liteon didnt i dont give a fuck about a name if one product is better then another then it is like that i still hope though that plextor will improve its writer with a new firmware or something, but if it remains like this then the liteon is just better…

Interceptor, if your waiting for a SCSI version I think you’ll be waiting nearly indefinitely. Basically, dont hold your breath for a SCSI version, they aren’t economically vaible products any more.

>>Rowan, you can to >>write a 3" CD >>you just need a Caddy >>adapter. PapaSmurf, could you put a little bit more description or contact me on