The firmware trick with Ricoh mp7200a!

Hello !!! As I read on one of the posts in this forum,it is possible to “overclock” the MP7200a model to MP7240 ,bu means of updating the “7240” firmware on 7200 drive.I tryed doing so,with no success.
Please,can someone clearly,step by step explain how it’s done?
Tnx… :slight_smile:

afaik you do it like so. extract the 7240 binary file into a folder and also add the MP7200 program and binary file into the same folder.

run the firmware upgade for the MP7200. select the drive. then change the filename of the 7240 file to the MP7200 filename and then upgrade.

basically it fools the program in thining the upgrade file is the 7200 and not a 7240

hope this helps