The finest tip CD/DVD marker available?

i recently bought a faber castel permanent pen. it sucks! it’s waaaayyy to big for what i like. so this idiot at the store offered STAEDTLER pigment liner, which is 0.05 ! it doesn’t work on them, even the next day, i can rub it off with my finger. most fine tips are 0.2. this is big for what i like.

anyways, i would appreciate someone pointing me in a direction of a SUPER, ULTRA FINE TIP PEN/MARKER please. thanks in advance.

Try using TDK CD/DVD PEN it’s ultra fine and is sold in a pack of 4 pens Red, Blue, Black and Green I thinks its about $8 sold at Dick Smiths or in the US try Radio Shack I think thats what its called ?