The Final Cut

:eek: I’ve made two copies of this movie already. The first one, which I wrote at maximum speed couldn’t even be read by my dvd player. The second, which I burned at 4x shows the lion’s gate logo then the screen goes black for about 15 seconds then it stops. I’m running this on a Lite on sohw 1673su with clonedvd2 and anydvd. Please help.

This usually is due to a bad burning. What media did you used exactly? You can retrieve mediacode using cd-dvd speed.

With your liteon drive you can also do scans, so can you post a scan of your problematic media?

I used taiyo yuden dvd-r 16x don’t have the other program yet gtg to work will pick this up later

16x media give better results if burned @12-16x; burning @4x is probable that you obtain a bad burn.

If you already tryied 16x and obtained bad results, then try to burn @12x. And be sure to have latest firmware installed.

i always burn at 8x

there are no absolute rules.

It’s burner/firmware/media related. Usually (not always) best results are burning “around” certified speed of a media.

Too bad the only way to find better settings is to do some burnings and see what preferences give better results.

I’m having all kinds of problems today. The same thing happened with “The Island” when I burned it at 4x. I tried to burn it at 12x and my player (the one hooked to my tv w/surround it’s an RCA 5 disk home theater system not sure of the model and every time I pull it out I end up unhooking some of the speakers) doesn’t even recognize it but it plays fine in my Samsung portable. I also burned “Battlestar Galactica” (season 2.0 disc 2) at 4x. I have burned others in this series and never had a problem with them (but I was using 8x media burned at 4x). My RCA doesn’t recognize it either but my Samsung does. BTW yes, I did burn “Final Cut” on maximum (which I’m assuming is 16x since both my burner and the media are 16x) with poor results.

P.S. The “Battlestar Galactica” disc just did a quick flash of all the FBI warnings then shutoff when I played it in Powerdvd in my computer but worked fine in Interactual player.

P.S. P.S. My firmware and drivers are up-to-date just checked a couple of days ago. JIC, I’m running a Lite on 1673su (rev. xs02).

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I tried and tried again. I finally got a good burn (The Island) when I burned it at 8x. It worked in some of my players but not all when I burned at 12x and 16x. It works in all of them now. :bow: I also made an ISO file then burned to the disc instead of straight to the disc. I did this twice, once at 16x which didn’t work and once at 8x which did. I don’t know if making the ISO helped or not as I never made one at 8x directly. Gonna stick with this format as it seems best right now.

How do I run a scan? How do I record it so that I can post it? Sorry if these are dumb questions but I looked in the owner’s manual and I didn’t see anything about it.

Well I thought I solved it but I was wrong. I burned a copy of “The Final Cut” using the same steps I made the successful copy of “The Island” but it will only play in my portable not my RCA. It does the exact same thing: it shows the Lion’s Gate logo then black screen for 15 seconds then stops. Can someone please help? I have made several posts to try to clarify the problems I’m having but it looks like no one is reading them.

Use a tool like kprobe then insert your disc in your drive and run the tool for scanning wait then save it as for example png.

I Personal burn on low speeds depending on DVD-R & DVD+R I buy My 8X disc I burn on 2-2. 4x And let me say they come out beautiful Not one glitch.

Now The 16X Disc which i personal don’t like. But i will used them if i have to (to much firmware problems with 16X for me) I burn them on 1X & they come out beautiful.

Maybe try a lower speed… I have a 16x Burner but it dosen’t mean i’m going to burn my movies 6X 8X 0r even 16X Because i know how some DVD Players are they will spit them out as unreadable 75% percent of time for me… I hate to gamble with bad odds like that.

But like i said if you want try a lower speed. it works great 4 me…

What make of dvd player have you got? It may not like dvd-/+ r media. You could try using dvd+r, and change the bit setting to rom (you can do this with nero burning rom/dvd shrink)