The FilmMachine

im new here because the site where is first visited the forums has quit.
my question:
I have an .avi file of a movie.
I edit it with The FilmMachine + CCE 2.67 (Cinema Craft Encoder).
I know much about TFM.
but when it starts CCE it gives an error:
the framesize 888 x 56 is not supported, framesizes up to 750 x 738 are supported.

can some1 help my plz plz plz… :bow: :iagree:

Probably need to resize it with VirtualDub first.

I remember having the samne problem with DVD2SVCD & CCE.

is it a free program, or do you know a link for the program.

I have the program, but it dont work, do you have a tutorial or something that can help me???

Go here & do a search & there you’ll find loads of guides.

Essentially though you’ve got to load a resizing filter , set the properties you what & then resave with full processing , but using either Divx or Xvid as the codec.

i can’t find it…
snif snif